Live to be FREE!

Live to be free simply means ” have a plan for your own money because if you don’t someone else doe’s”. I worked in the financial sevice industry for 17 years. My professional license included: 6 & 63 Security Lic. (Investments), Health & Life Insurance Lic. and Loan Origination Certification. So that’s the Investment, Insurance and Banking industry. In my professional opinion we need to include in our primary education system more effort towards financial literacy. We are failing our country for the lack there of. In starting this blog I will be offering optional solutions in addition to the traditional ones that are always offered in most financial circles. We live in a very different, very globally connected world. Your survival and your families survival depends more on your ability to adapt (change) to an ever evolving economy instead of reacting to and being in denial of it. Face it! The world has changed. Now, what are you going to do about it?


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